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SW_AC   Anchovy Swarm
WS_AC   Anchovy Whiskey Bar
BM_BP   Black and Purple
WC_BP   Black and Purple
BB_bp   Black Purple Bigeye Bar
DR_BKP   Black Purple Dredge
BDR_BM   Bloody Mackerel
FZ_BM   Bloody Mackerel Frenzy Bar
GF_BM   Bloody Mackerel Godfather
MB_blue   Blue Mackeral
BM_Crt   Carrot
WC_Crt   Carrot
WS_HF   Cocoa Puff Whiskey Bar
FB_CC   Cotton Candy Fry Bar (Full Scoop)
DR_CTNC   Cotton Candy Offshore Dredge
SW_CC   Cotton Candy Swarm
WS_CC   Cotton Candy Whiskey Bar
DDS_RB   D Dock Root Beer
DDS_SK   D Dock Skirtless
DDS_TG   D Dock Triple Glow
DDS_GM   D Dock UV Gold Miner
DDS_GF   D Dock UV Green Flash
DDS_UVP   D Dock UV Pearl
DDS_PH   D Dock UV Purple Haze
MB_FR   Firecracker Red
WC_FR   Firecracker Red
BM_FF   Flying Fish
WC_FF   Flying Fish
FB_CChalf   FRY BAR: Cotton Candy
FB_GAhalf   FRY BAR: Green Anchovy
FB_NFhalf   FRY BAR: Nightfish
FB_BPhalf   FRY BAR: Purple/Black
FB_TC   FRY BAR: UV Pelagic Candy
FB_UVMhalf   FRY BAR: Watermelon
FB_ZChalf   FRY BAR: Zuchinni
BDR_GS   Ghost Shrimp
LED_GF   Godfather Light
DR_GA   Green Anchovy Dredge
FB_GA   Green Anchovy Fry Bar (Full Scoop)
DR_HD   Humboldt Dredge
BDR_HS   Humboldt Squid
FZ_KOS   Humboldt Squid Frenzy Bar
GF_HS   Humboldt Squid Godfather
WC_JG   Jerry Garcia
MB_LA   Live Anchovy
WC_LA   Live Anchovy
MB_LS   Live Sardine
WC_LS   Live Sardine
WC_MF   Mexican Flag
FS_NC   Nightfish (Full Scoop)
DR_NF   Nightfish Dredge
FB_NF   Nightfish Fry Bar (Full Scoop)
SW_NF   Nightfish Swarm
WS_NC   Nightfish Whiskey Bar
DR_NY   Noyo Dredge
WC_PWP   Pink and Pearl
BB_pd   Pro Dolphin Bigeye Bar
WS_PB   Purple and Black Whiskey Bar
B2_P   Purple B2 Squid Bar
FB_BP   Purple/Black Fry Bar (Full Scoop)
BB_rb   Rainbow Bigeye Bar
BDR_RF   Rockfish
BDR_RB   Root Beer
B2_RB   Root Beer B2 Squid Bar
GF_RB   Root Beer Godfather
SW_SE   Scrambled Egg Swarm
WS_SE   Scrambled Egg Whiskey Bar
BDR_SM   Silver Mackerel
GF_naked   Skirtless Godfather
GF_TG   Triple Glow Godfather
GF_GM   UV Gold Miner Godfather
GF_GF   UV Green Flash Godfather
FZ_Mack   UV Mackerel Frenzy Bar
GF_UVP   UV Pearl Godfather
GF_PH   UV Purple Haze Godfather
DR_UVM   Watermelon Dredge
FB_UVM   Watermelon Fry Bar (Full Scoop)
MB_ZCmamba   Zucchini
WC_zuc   Zucchini
HS_ZC   Zucchini (Half Scoop)
WS_ZC   Zucchini Whiskey Bar
FB_ZC   Zuchinni Fry Bar (Full Scoop)

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